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Make smarter decisions, faster with exclusive data for tracking private tech companies. And with AI-powered Instant Insights just a click away, you'll cut hours of research and analysis down to seconds.

6x your productivity with AI. Build lists, scout companies, summarize commercial transactions and more–all in one click.

Emerging Trends. Track the fastest growing emerging markets & companies. Intel on investors, industries, and startups.

Competitor Strategy. See partnerships, acquisitions, and investments. Live feeds. Anticipate their next move.

Market Reports. Instant reports for thousands of markets. Track financing, valuations, exits, and more. 

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Less analyzing. More answers.

Generate comprehensive reports with AI powered by our proprietary data. Analysis that took days can be done in an instant: build lists, scout companies, summarize commercial transactions and more – all in one click.

What We Offer



Analyst Briefings

Private markets data including proprietary company data, earnings, financing, valuations, business relationships, ratings, and more.

Insights into markets, companies, and trends. Competitor insights, acquisition targets & vulnerabilities.

Access to analysts with direct relationships, insights, and dynamics in with private market tech companies.

API & Data Feeds

Search Platform

Data Visualization

Integrate live CB Insights data into your tools. Private market data on companies, investors, and deals.

Find companies that meet your parameters including financials, field, maturity, and geography. Real-time alerts.

Create visualizations of market sizing, competitive landscapes, M&A, and more. Create slides in minutes.


From Salesforce to Chrome to Google Sheets to Slack, our data will meet you where you and your team work.

With CB Insights, we are finding the right opportunities, and adding relationships in an entirely new, refreshing way. It also allows us to be more thoughtful about approaching companies that are well matched to our capabilities.

Rahul Baig

Managing Director, Wells Fargo

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