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Meet Mosaic: Your Best Friend For Understanding Tech Company Health & Predicting Future Success

If your job involves picking startups—whether as partners, investments, vendors or acquisitions, it’s critical you identify the best companies. 

Most attempts we’ve seen to quantify tech company health and likelihood for future success have neglected one of the most important factors, management…until now.

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Learn why we need algorithms to understand startup health and predict future success, what key signals feed our Mosaic algorithms, and how you can unlock the power of Mosaic to shortlist and engage with the right companies.

95% of VCs

Percentage who place the greatest importance on the management or founding team.

$8.1B in equity

Total funding that the “50 Future Unicorns” identified by CB Insights have raised since our report was published in June 2020.

74% hit rate

The hit rate of successful unicorn predictions from our 2020 “50 Future Unicorns” report, produced in partnership with Fast Company.